Thom Shea

Thom Shea

Thom Shea served in three wars as a Navy SEAL for 23 years with distinguished valor. 

Thom is the founder of Unbreakable Leadership and has trained thousands of people to lead during chaos by applying the rule of Three Simple Things to transform their lives and businesses. 

Lessons Learned as a Navy SEAL

In this episode, Thom Shea is sharing comprised lessons he wrote while he was serving. overseas. He wrote these lessons for his children as a way to teach and love them in the event of losing his life in the act of duty. Thom did make it safely home to his family and these lessons turned into his first book, “Unbreakable: A Navy Seal’s Way of Life.”

3 Simple Things to Transform Your Life: Leading During Chaos with Thom Shea

In this episode, I talk with Thom Shea about leading during chaos. Drawing from his book, “3 Simple Things: Leading During Chaos,” Thom shares how chaos always creates opportunities. He shares insight and practical application on how to transform your life and lead during chaos in your personal and professional life.