Are you a Pre-Christian or a Non-Christian?

In this conversation with Dr. Ramesh Richard, we discuss  Christianity’s application in the real world and how believers can be ministers of gospel themselves. Dr. Ramesh Richard is the founder and president of Reach, a global proclamation of ministry to change the way people think about Jesus Christ. In fact, along the way of our conversation, I experienced many different paradigms shift in my own way of thinking. 

The Role of Christians around the world

Evan: (2.22)

What is my responsibility as a Christian in the world around me? What does it look like as someone who is not in vocational ministry but believes in Jesus Christ?

Dr. Ramesh Richard: (4.22)

Everybody including you as a real estate agent has a vocation in ministry. This means that your work, your business, is a platform and a sphere to fulfill the final commission. It starts with the people you are surrounded by and through the people you are surrounded by.

Dr. Ramesh Richard: (5.02)

There are about five sectors in which people are involved in as a profession. Business, medical, government, education, and the entertainment sector including sports and music.  In each one of these God has his plans. I, as a vocational minister, get to equip others to do the work and service of the gospel. Where that may be, whatever role that looks like, in your sphere of influence. Its the body of Christ, the people of God to go out into those places fulfill the final commission of Christ.

Evan: (9.35)

We are equipped by the pastors for ministry to take place outside the church in the community around us. To the people out in the workforce, to our friends, our family.

How do I, as an individual share the Gospel in a culture that is so easily offended, and that has a lot of political correctness?

Dr. Ramesh Richard: (11.12)

I have a four-step framework that I encourage people to use in their relationship with “pre-Christian” friends and family. By the way, I use the term pre-Christian when I talk about people and non-Christian when I talk about religions and ideologies.

Dr. Ramesh Richard :(24.09)

Step 1: Sharing & Caring

The framework happens life on life. Christianity is not one idea over and against another idea. If its life on life, people will see Jesus when you are sharing hospitality and help in customer service, at that point it allows a platform for credibility.

Step 2: Forgive to increase courage

Second is the dimension of words, verbiage. No life is good enough to communicate the gospel by itself. When you share a little bit of the gospel, grace, and forgiveness, you are adding onto the courage in a person’s life.

Step 3: Reason for hope

The third dimension is the dimension of reason. In evangelism and sharing Christ, we always start with the reason for hope.

Step 4: Discipleship

And, when the person comes to know of the person of Jesus, the fourth dimension starts. It’s called discipleship. I call it giving personal meaning in his or her newfound faith.

Evan: (33.15)

Earlier you said, what makes a healthy church is healthy congregants and even a healthy Pastor, how can we have a healthy global church?

Dr. Ramesh Richards: (33.30)

The health of the pastor affects the health of the congregation. A healthy pastor usually has four characteristics.

One, he lives biblically. Two, he thinks biblically. He preaches biblically and fourth, he serves or leads biblically.

Passion for life

Evan: (35.50)

Jesus was a carpenter, he was a businessman before his ministry even started. How does a person or business reflect who Jesus is in that business and life?

Dr. Ramesh Richard: (36.11)

He was always in ministry. I want everyone to think of their work in ministry as already liberating from any wrong conceptions. As a businessman in ministry, I call for an intentional life for the healthy business leader in learning, knowing, and following Jesus Christ.

I want him or her to examine their passion.  Passion comes from a Latin root which means suffering. What do I love so much that I am willing to suffer for it? Whatever we love controls us. Ask the passion question. We need regular habits that keep our spirits of vitality alive.

How well discipline help our relationships?

Evan: (42.01)

What are some of the other disciplines that contribute to a vibrant relationship?

Dr. Ramesh Richards: (42.12)

There are about 16 disciplines in the history of the Christian faith. I have divided the 16 disciplines into four sets- attachment, detachment, alignment, and engagement.

Evan: (45.15)

What does it mean to be born again?

Dr. Ramesh Richards: (45.20)

Born again is having the life of God in you. This is God’s very life for which every human being seeks and attempts to address in 100 different ways. We have a soul hole in the heart that can be repaired only by God’s life and nothing else that we put in that hole going to remain.

Evan: (48.02)

let’s say I’m a pre-Christian to become a Christian, what should my response be?

Dr. Ramesh Richards: (48.30)

I don’t want you to become a Christian actually, I want you to come to know that Lord Jesus has initiated the very best for you, starting with the eternal rescue of your life and the provision of abundance in terms of peace and conditional love.