Scott Taylor

Scott is an artist and the owner of Scott Taylor Art Gallery. He debuted in 2014 with wall pieces featuring boldly colored abstract compositions and shapes. Since then, he has continued to shift and grow, working in a wide variety of genres and mediums, including graffiti, pastel, graphite and even furniture builds. 

Now, Scott has settled into contemporary impressionism as the fitting style for his vision. Using almost everything he can get his hands on, from acrylic, to spray paint, to chalk pastels and unique objects in his studio, his projects seem united by a desire to inspire and create joy.

Passion Exceeds Investment with Scott Taylor

Today we talk with Scott Taylor, artist and owner of Scott Taylor Art Gallery, about turning what you love into your everyday job. Scott also talks with us about his journey of building himself as an artist, taking a leap to open an art gallery and working through the pandemic as an artist.