Jerry Lout

Jerry Lout is a writer, speaker, and mobilizer, passionate about growing and helping others grow. He is the author of “Living With a Limp” and “Giants in the Rough,” both memoris that chronicle defining moments of his life. Jerry was a missionary in Africa for over 20 years and uses his life experiences as a way to encourage and inspire others. 

Living With a Limp: Finding Faith Through Adversity

In today’s episode, we are joined by special guest, Jerry Lout, author of “Living With a Limp” and “Giants in the Rough”, and longtime missionary of 20 years. Jerry shares what it means to live life with both physical and spiritual limps, the heartache of loss and abuse, the fear of death, and how adversity can provide avenues to finding faith in God.

Giants in the Rough: The People Who Shape Us

In this episode, I talk with Jerry Lout, author of “Giants in the Rough” and “Living With a Limp” and longtime missionary of 20 years, about the “giants” or the people who shape us and the influence they have in our lives. Jerry shares excerpts and stories from his book “Giants in the Rough” and the insights, lessons, and trials he learned with his wife as missionaries in Kenya. His simple lessons will encourage you to loosen your control, learn to laugh at yourself, and practice the discipline of prayer and stillness.