Jason David Sluyter

jason david

Jason David Sluyter is a singer, storyteller, pastor, and cancer survivor. Through his battle with tongue cancer, Jason David was told he would never walk, sing, or speak again. Against all odds, Jason David now sings his song, “These Walls,” on stage as an anthem of gratitude. He is also the host of MyTribe,  an interactive community of interactive, funny, and engaging bible videos that allow kids and their families to learn and focus on Jesus.

Living the Miracle (Use What God Gave You) with Jason David Sluyter

In this episode, Jason David Sluyter shares his story of surviving tongue cancer and the life lessons he learned through fighting for his life and his love for music and singing. After being told he would never walk, talk, or sing again, Jason David was left with little hope. Through his suffering and fight for life, Jason David began to see how he was living the miracle. Instead of focusing on his flaws and what he lost, he uses his story to tell others to use what God gave you.