Eric Brotman

eric brotman

Eric Brotman, CEO of BFG Financial, has been in the financial planning and wealth management industry since 1994. His passion is helping multi-generational families in navigating the financial challenges and opportunities that life presents, and communicating with one another effectively to minimize family conflict. Brotman has published two books on personal finance topics, and is completing his third book and launching a podcast currently, both titled, “Don’t Retire… Graduate!”

Simple Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom (Through COVID-19 Pandemic) with Eric Brotman

Are you looking for simple steps to achieve financial freedom? The COVID-19 pandemic may have left you with more stress and less financial freedom. In today’s episode, we are joined by special guest, Eric Brotman, CEO of BFG Financial. Eric shares actionable and simple steps to achieve financial freedom in this current state of financial uncertainty. These financial strategies will help you become financially independent and help you live your best life.